F/CE. 420 re/cor TRAVEL BP S


    ID FCD30241B0002

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    Backpack made of Cordura_ re/cor, the first 100% recycled Cordura_ nylon textile, with 420 denier yarn, lightweight, environmentally friendly and meeting strict CORDURA standards for strength and durability.
    The fine count 420 denier yarn is densely woven to give it an elegant, shiny look, differentiating it from the 950 series of the same design. The material of the padded back section has also been changed to neoprene, a high-specification model with an overall upgrade of materials.

    The 33L of the regular model has been downsized and updated to a more unisex size.
    The shoulder has a MOUNTING T SYSTEM for attaching a sacoche, pouch, etc. This 28L daypack is designed for overnight trips of up to two days. Front multi-gadget pocket. Rolled tape ends and shoulders that follow the curves of your shoulders to minimise fatigue even after long periods of carrying, for function and comfort.

    -Lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly recycled Cordura_ re/cor? material.
    -Water repellent
    -Gadget pocket
    -Made from Tochigi leather

    The first 100% recycled Cordura_ nylon textile, which is also environmentally friendly. Recycled from factory waste, this environmentally friendly nylon reduces the consumption of energy, raw materials, waste and toxic fumes during incineration, thus reducing tree and water pollution compared to using virgin nylon.
    It is also stronger and more durable than the common enemy 6-nylon.
    It also means that it has passed stringent tests to meet CORDURA_ fabric standards.


    ※The model wearing is a sample. There is no brand tag, and the brand name is embroidered in the same color as the main body.



    FACE:100% Recycle Nylon