Specified Commercial Transaction Act


General Manager
Satoshi Yamane

Zip code

ID Daikanyama 1F, 8-6 Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Application validity period
We do not accept cancellations, returns, or changes to the contents of an order once it has been received for the customer's own reasons. Thank you for your understanding in advance. We may also contact you by email or phone if the item is out of stock.

Defective products
Please check for any defects or damage as soon as you receive the product. In the case of defective or missing items, please contact us by the day after the product arrives. After inspection by our company, the product will be replaced at our expense. If an exchange is not possible, we will refund the amount you paid after you return the item.

Sales Volume
There is no particular limit to the number of items that can be sold.

Delivery time
We will ship in about 1 to 5 days after we receive your order. Please note that it may take longer for some items to be shipped. In that case, we may contact you by e-mail or phone.

Payment Method
Please choose one of the following.Online credit card paymentPayPalAmazon payWe do not accept returns or exchanges due to the customer's convenience, but if you return a defective, missing or incorrect product, we ask that you return it within 7 days of the product's arrival.Return shipping Returns of defective, missing or incorrect products will be the responsibility of the store.

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